lunedì 18 marzo 2013

(VERY LATE) Lolita Fashion Show @ Lucca Comics and Games 2012!

Hellooooo (⌒▽⌒)☆!!

How was your weekend??
Mine was gorgeous, because on saturday the 3rd I went to the annual Comic Convention, Lucca Comics & Games!!
It's the most important comics related event here in Italy, and since several years the italian lolita community
patecipate with many events, like panels, fashion shows and so on.

This year I managed to partecipate actively, as I decided to modelヽ(^0^)丿

Here's a picture of me while walking on the runway ♥

Outfit rundown:
Op - Moi Meme Moitie
Jacket - Bodyline
Boots - Antaina
Bag - Bodyline (yes, I know it's bad to have a replica...but nevermind, I'll
buy the "real thing" very soon ^-^)
Necklaces - Stella Z (the black with beads) and Bijou Brigitte (the one with blue
Any other accessories - handmade by me and by others, offbrand 
Wig - (ebay shop - I think it's a Zatsune Miku's wig XD 
I don't care since the quality is very good!!)

This year, the fashion show had a theme: Lolita in the four seasons (´ω`★)!
I choose a wintery outfit because in Lucca the weather is even the worst.
We were very lucky because it didn't rain that day, but generally it EVER rains at least one day (´∩`。)

As you can see the catwalk was a bit unstable because of the little stones >_< there were girls walking on the carpet with heels, I really don't know how they managed not to fall!!

Here you can see a short video of the Fashion Show!!(´∇ノ`*)ノsadly there's not the entire video, I don't know why the people who filmed didn't shared it >_< this is just the end of the entire show!

As you can see, all the girls were soooo beautiful!!!!! I loved so many outfits *_*

Unfortunately, this year the conference didn't took place due to organization problems é_è however, the Fashion Show was GREAT!!!
It was my very first time on a catwalk IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and I was so excited but  (strangely) I wasn't anxious at all ^_^!!

I hope you all like this event as much as me and every girl did! (◕‿◕✿) See you next post ♥ bye!!!!!

P.s.: since I'm VERY lazy...this post should have been posted in NOVEMBER.
I waited because of the video that has NEVER been published since. I'm a bit disappointed,
because this was the first video of a Lolita fashion show in Italy that has not been shared, and it's my only appearance. Can you understand my disappointment?

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