venerdì 26 aprile 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: The most un-Lolita thing about me is...

Hi! ^0^

Yeah, I'm posting AGAIN! I consider this a kind of miracle XD

Back to the post, I kinda like this topic, because I think that Lolita is just fashion and nothing else.
So I decided to write in a hearbeat!

My life is quite boring, but I like it the way it is.

I could start from the fact that when I'm not going out I'm kinda HOBO. I stay with my pajama on with no makeup (not that I wear too much when I dress-up....), without styling my hair, I just pin them and keep them in a somewhat form of what other people called "mess", but I consider it "order" XD

When I'm at the gym I don't wear lolita (obvious...?), I don't wear make-up and don't style my hair (and I can't stand the girls that does it...gyms are not places to make fashion-shows, we come here to sweat A LOT, so why do you have to wear a ton of makeup!?!? I can't understand, really), I only re-draw my eyebrows because when I wake up (I go to the gym in the morning, usually) they are nearly erased XD plus, I wear totally messy and with a specific sense. Fuchsia pants, pastel colored shoes, t-shirt that aren't coordinated with the rest...totally messy, as I told before XD I like to think gym to be places where you get fit so everything else is just out of the place.

I smoke. Yeah. Someone said that "smoking is so not-roriiii!!!!111oneoneoneone", so I'll leave this here.
I totally don't see the point, as I'm the same girl both wearing and not wearing lolita clothing, so why should I quit smoking while wearing my outfits?

I don't like too much hot tea, I do prefer this one insthead:

Believe me, it's sooooo delicious! <3 (But I can't drink it too often, because what's the point in working your ass out in a gym and then drink and eat sugary/caloric/fat?) 

I'd like to spend some words about this Cold Tea.
I don't know if you can find it outside Italy, but in chase you could and you didn't try it before do it now! :P
Here in Italy a lot of people are addicted to this cold tea, expecially the youngest population.
Speaking about me, I'd totally ask to my community to drink this one insthead of hot tea at Tea Parties XD and I think a lot of girls would be very happy! Even if it's so un-rori :P and it's not very good while eating pastries, I do prefer salty food with it, because it's so damn sugary!
(Sometimes while joking with my friends we say "Estaté it's the only cold tea that doesn't contain real tea, it's just plain sugar with lemon juice, sugar, then other sugar, and maybe a liiiiiittle drop of tea flavor" XD but believe me, it's very tasty!)

Another thing un-rori about me is the general attitude. I don't consider myself a well mannered girl AT ALL XD but hey, it's me!
I don't like to fake an attitude that "goes well with what I wear", because it's not "my cup of tea".
I'm Marta in and outside of lolita, the only thing that change it's what I wear!


Well, I hope that this post likes you ;) all my blog entries are ironic, I try to keep this blog as much funny as I can. At least I'm amused when i wrote it, and I always hope that people who read are amused too! ^_^

If you want to, join our group on facebook! ^_____^

Here are other post from other girls' blog! Enjoy ^_^

martedì 16 aprile 2013

Just a quick update....

...To let you know I'm FINALLY on!

Here's my profile, feel free to add me!


This is my first and only (for the moment) entry, and old outfit
I wore like one year ago XD
yes, I have to take more picture of what I wear, I know...>_>

lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Teacup - Italian Lolita Tea Party ~ Milan, April 6th, 2013.

Hello! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

 I want to write about a wonderful experience I had the opportunity to make two weeks ago!
 The italian lolita community had a Tea Party on the 6th of April in a wonderful location in Milan! We were like 60 people, anyone looked stunning *________* I had a lot of fun!!!!

 But let me tell you that I had the risk to not attend because of my very bad timing XD
 I had to catch a train at 6:40 a.m., and at 6:32 I was stil AT HOME with my pajama on O________O
I really don't know how did I managed to dress-up (very badly, I just took my salopette and I wore it without the shoulder straps XD I finished to dress myself on the train!), take my luggage, jump down the stairs, down the street and arrive at the station in time O__O
 Yes, I live next to the station (2 minutes by foot) but I can also say to myself that miracles happens sometimes XD

 Speaking about the event itself, it was WONDERFUL!
The location was really princess-themed, so elegant and beautiful *_____* and very quiet, too! Even for a big city like Milan!

 Here's the link to the residence's website: Residenza Vignale

Apart from the Tea Party we had a whole room to sell stuff lolita-related,
there were some girls with their handmade jewels, some were selling their used/handmade 
clothes (I've bought two beautiful accessories I wore that evening when we went out
for dinner :P you can see my outfit later!)

Here you can see some pictures of the interiors, as I already told it was like a dream! *v* I would totally live in a house like that <3

As always, I left my camera at home >_>; so I only took some pictures at the tea party, very few (just the treats I ate and the manifest of the event XD) and for this reason I will take pictures from other girl's that were better than me organizing themselves >_>; (I lack with organization)


The following pictures are kind concession of
Sybelle's Art Photography, our community's official photographer <3 
she's so talentuous *______* 

 Group picture ♥
I'm so sorry some girls (one was a dear friend of mine ><;) had to leave early ;_______; so they
aren't in this group picture!

....However, here's a pic of me with my friends and one of the girls that had to leave <3
Obviously it's a hilarious picture XD a parody of a "famous" pic I can't find anymore around 

If you want to see more of the pictures of the event you can look at the Facebook page "Gothic Lolita Zone", the italian lolita community's page!
Here's the link, enjoy(☆^ー^☆)!

And here's a picture of my outfit ^__________^
I'm satisfied, even If I had to arrange this at the latest ;____; I wanted to wear another dress, my J+J "Dentelle Antique OP" coordinated in beige/light blue/brown, but the bag and the jacket I had to wear with that outfit didn't came on time ;__________; I'm still upset!!!!!
DAMNED EMS!!!!!!! You took more than a month to deliver my package!!!!!!! *FURIOUS*
I also crafted (and bought) A LOT of stuff for that particular outfit ;______;
Anyway, I was happy to wear my Pomona JSK...but you know that feeling when your plans are destroyed by unfortunate events? If yes, you can understand my complaints here >_<;;

JSK: Pomona JSK by Innocent World
Jacket: Bodyline
Shoes: Bordello Whimsey (denominated
"the shoes of the devil" because after two days
walking with them my feet wanted to die XD 
they aren't comfy AT ALL X___X)
Accessories: necklace bought at Tally Wejl, the rest are
Tights: Calzedonia.

Since I'm still upset with EMS post not delivering me the last package with the bag and the jacket,
I'll show you the more-or-less-outfit I planned to wear that day
(*still furious*)

The outfit I didn't wear ;_______;

...With even more accessories and the same wig (it's from Gothic Lolita Wig! It's the 
Ginger one from the Princess Collection ^_^) 

I'm planning to wear this outfit for my Boyfriend's birthday, at least I'll use it for a special day since I wasn't able to do that for the Tea Party!


Back that day we went out for dinner, and here's a picture of the same outfit but a bit modified (I think that deep red goes well with Pomona's kind of green!)

...This pose does not suit me at all >_>
the "head up" gives me a bad expression!!
I won't ever let someone take a picture of me like this >_<!!!!!!
Also, this picture was taken with my iPhone :P

I changed tights (Calzedonia), blouse (offbrand, it's made out of chiffon <3
I love chiffon <3) and accessories (the rose on my head is from Rosaspina,
the necklace, altough you can't see it very well >_<, is from Graveyard Rose † Shattered Memories and it features a little tablespoon with blood made of resin <3
the girl that made the necklace said "I thought this to represent
a vampire's breakfast" XD I found this so funny and I decided to take it!)


All in all I'm very happy to be able to partecipate at this wonderul event,
and I hope there will be another soon *_*
I will write the second part of these two beautiful days spent in my
favourite city in Italy, because I have a lot of other beautiful pictures to share
(...As always not made by me. XD)
and because the day after we had the "GLZ national meet-up",
we went to visit Teatro alla Scala and the relative museum,
prepare yourself because I took pictures of ALL the costumes exposed
and they're very stunning *______* 

Last picture I want to share in this post is my plate at the tea party...because
there's no tea party without food pictures ^_^!
(I didn't ate too much because we went at a japanese all-you-can-eat
restaurant for lunch and I was kinda full XD)

 I left the postcard you can see near my plate ON THE TABLE. 
Shame on me =_=''''

(I even took one more slice of that cake
because it was amazing *__* 
I love chocolate!!
-Maybe too much. Huh. I'm addicted to chocolate >_<-)

And that's all, folks!
See you next post, bye ^0^

venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: pick an animal and make a coord around it!

Oh, hai! Long time no see!
I had a period of "refuse" of personal computers :\ so I didn't update 
my blog since AGES, even with LBC posts I'm very late >_<; 
I'm so sorry. 

I've left my blog dying alone XD but since I really like the LBC theme for this week I thought
to fight with my LAZYNESS© (so much lazyness that it now needs the copyright mark XD)
and to make a post! Yay!, animals theme *_* I obviously choose to make a cat-inspired coordinate, because
you know, I really LOVE cats!!! <3 

And because of my love for cats I was totally AMAZED when Putumayo went out with a cat-themed print *_* too bad it went sold-out so quickly I couldn't buy it from their website, but I had the chance to find it ina Paris' shop named "Boddywood" (the same that carries Angelic Pretty's items), there was ONE skirt from that collection and it was the colourway I wanted, blackXpink *_______* I felt so happy and lucky that I bought it on a heartbit!!!

So, onto the's the coordinate I really make when  I wear my Putumayo skirt <3 I hope you love it as much as I do ^_^!!
LBC: Lolita outfit pet inspired <3

I really like punk lolita, it's one of the styles I wear the most because I like the touch of casual it has ^_^ 
plus I can create coords even with the sweetest prints, adding a punky touch here and there ^_^

So yeah, for this week I've been a good girl and partecipated to LBC U________U see you (MAYBE? Who knows...XD) next week! ^_^

These are the other girl's post of this week!! Enjoy =)

(Bonus pic: me when I'll get older, only less pinky than what I know I'll be.)


lunedì 18 marzo 2013

(VERY LATE) Lolita Fashion Show @ Lucca Comics and Games 2012!

Hellooooo (⌒▽⌒)☆!!

How was your weekend??
Mine was gorgeous, because on saturday the 3rd I went to the annual Comic Convention, Lucca Comics & Games!!
It's the most important comics related event here in Italy, and since several years the italian lolita community
patecipate with many events, like panels, fashion shows and so on.

This year I managed to partecipate actively, as I decided to modelヽ(^0^)丿

Here's a picture of me while walking on the runway ♥

Outfit rundown:
Op - Moi Meme Moitie
Jacket - Bodyline
Boots - Antaina
Bag - Bodyline (yes, I know it's bad to have a replica...but nevermind, I'll
buy the "real thing" very soon ^-^)
Necklaces - Stella Z (the black with beads) and Bijou Brigitte (the one with blue
Any other accessories - handmade by me and by others, offbrand 
Wig - (ebay shop - I think it's a Zatsune Miku's wig XD 
I don't care since the quality is very good!!)

This year, the fashion show had a theme: Lolita in the four seasons (´ω`★)!
I choose a wintery outfit because in Lucca the weather is even the worst.
We were very lucky because it didn't rain that day, but generally it EVER rains at least one day (´∩`。)

As you can see the catwalk was a bit unstable because of the little stones >_< there were girls walking on the carpet with heels, I really don't know how they managed not to fall!!

Here you can see a short video of the Fashion Show!!(´∇ノ`*)ノsadly there's not the entire video, I don't know why the people who filmed didn't shared it >_< this is just the end of the entire show!

As you can see, all the girls were soooo beautiful!!!!! I loved so many outfits *_*

Unfortunately, this year the conference didn't took place due to organization problems é_è however, the Fashion Show was GREAT!!!
It was my very first time on a catwalk IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and I was so excited but  (strangely) I wasn't anxious at all ^_^!!

I hope you all like this event as much as me and every girl did! (◕‿◕✿) See you next post ♥ bye!!!!!

P.s.: since I'm VERY lazy...this post should have been posted in NOVEMBER.
I waited because of the video that has NEVER been published since. I'm a bit disappointed,
because this was the first video of a Lolita fashion show in Italy that has not been shared, and it's my only appearance. Can you understand my disappointment?