sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Lolita Survey!

Hi ^___^

Since I know I don't post too much (it's because I don't really have worn anything particular these days, or I don't have ideas XD)...I thought to write a little survey on my lolita preferences ^w^

So let's start!

1. Nickname and date of birth.
Marta Pony, 03/12/19XX U__________U

2.Where were you born? And where do you live now?
I was born in Savona and I live in a little country near La Spezia (basically, from one corner to the opposite of the same region, Ligury XD)

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita?
I always wanted to wear clothes that were like the ones princess wear, since I was a little girl, but never imagined that these clothes already existed, even a the other corner of the world! So, when I found out that my favourite dresses of all time really existed, it was one of the happiest day of my life and I decided to follow this fashion. Unfortunately, I started to wear it several years after, because at the time I was A)obese, B)poor, C)shops didn't shipped oversea and I didn't know how to obtain these fabulous dresses.

4. Wich Lolita style do you like the most?
I really like all lolita styles >w< but my favourites are punk and gothic! I also like "meshups"...for example, a punkyish coord using AP dresses or skirts :P I swear it's not blasphemy ;)

5. Wich Lolita style would you not like to wear?
Wa, Qi and Guro...but just because they're a bit too much for everyday's life :P I wear them in special occasion, tough, like Halloween and so on!

8. Describe your dream Lolita outfit.
Click here. Because looking at picture it's just better than simply describe something :P

7. Do you have piercings or tatoos?
I used to have more piercings, but I just have my tongue one left. I decided to take the others off years ago :)

8. What´s your favourite Lolita brand?
Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitié, Putumayo are definitely my fave <3

9. What´s your favourite piece in your Lolita closet?

Moi Meme Moitié Alchemy print OP in blue <3

10. How many Lolita friends do you have?
Two! XD But I have sooooo many aquaintances, because in Ligury there's not so many lolitas :\....
(P.S.: Actually I consider my friends more than just "Lolita" friends ;))

11. What do you like most about Lolita?
I like to be creative, and I think that Lolita is a fashion that, if you ignore some basic "rules" (:P), it can be really funny to wear!!! I like to coordinate prints with themed accessories (example: dress with ponies, pony-shaped accessories), I like the variety of substyles and that you can change them as you like, and I LOVE the fact that there's not a shared idea to go with this fashion!

12. What do you dislike about Lolita?

13.Which Lolita magazine do you read regularly?
Kera (because I love kera street styles <3) and Gothic Lolita Bible ^_^

14. Headdress, bonnet or head eating bow.
Sidebows? XD Really, I can't stand "Pad" headdress, I like (but would not wear) head eating bows and I'm just recently starting to accept the existence of bonnets XD I used to HATE them, but I have to admit that they can be really gorgeous with some outfits :) I prefer simple headband, flower with clips, little bows or sidebows ^^

15. Do you wear bloomers?
Sometimes, but I don't like them so much. My only pair of bloomers is really short, because I can't stand them to pop out from the hem of the skirts >_________<

16. What´s your favourite music.
I like a lot of different kinds of music, from punk to gothic, from indie to jrock (even if I'm not following the asian music scene anymore I sometimes listen to what are, to me, "old glories" :P)...Oh, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my "fad" at the moment :P she's really cute <3

17. What´s your ringtone?
I have made myself SEVERAL (reads like: 18 XD) ringtones for my iPhone with a guide you can find around on internet...from "Olivia-Wish" to "Caramelldansen", from "Nyan cat" to "Tokyo, I'm on my way" by Puffy Amy Yumi....but I also have Kyary's songs X3 and I switch'em periodly ;)

18. Do you work/ go to school/ study?
At the moment I'm one of that unlucky that can consider themselves "Unoccupied". Sigh. In Italy we're trough a moment of deep crisis, so it's a pain in the ass to find a job .______. actually I'm looking for one, let's see how much time I'll take to find it XD *Pessimist*

19. Do you attend meet- ups?
Sometimes ^_^

20. Which colours do you like most in Lolita?
BLACK combined with any other color XD I always hated brown, but I've recently started to consider some brown in my closet (mostly accessories, I don't think I'd like to see myself with a totally brown dress :\).

mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

Old outfit post!

Double post today XD yay!
Since I've nothing to do, and I was very lazy in the past months to update my blog..yes, I know, shame on me XD

I wore this outfit at September's fest in Carrara, a (fake u.u) german convention where you could taste "tipical" german dishes...yes, there were Pretzel, but I can assure in Germany you can find BETTER Pretzel (and beer, Strudel, and so on) u_u

Even if it was funny to attend, this was a just a "replica" of their famous "Oktoberfest". I don't have any picture of that night but let me say it's not a pity XD it was "fake"...nothing to do with the real thing U_U (Replica debates in 3,2,1...XD)

Here's what I wore ^_^ are way far from perfection, but this is the best I can do with my iPhone >_<!

Outfit rundown:

JSK: Baby, the stars shine bright
Necklace, bracelet (even if you can't see it, it's there): Angelic Pretty (both from
the same bows collection, in black)
Bolero: offbrand
Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright
Headbow: H&M Kids
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Shoes: Demonia
Wig: Random taobao wig store >_<

Here a picture with the bag,  Heart Bag by Baby, the stars shine bright >w<
I love this bag, and I use it very often since I can carry almost 
with it!! It's very comfy (even if a bit too heavy ><)!

I have to say that, before buying it, I was anxious about the two metal handles,
I thought they would have been a pain because it seems 
you can't took them off (without broking the bag, IMHO)...
but then I found the courage to buy it anyway, and now I'd like to have it
in more colours XD 

"Make-up" (actually, since I HATE to cover my face
with makeups like most do, it's just black eyepencil.
STOP.) and my necklace <3 I have the complete set 
of this series, apart the ring, because I'm worried that
it would be too tight on my "fatty" fingers >_<''' so I refrain to buy it
from internet...maybe in the future, when I'll be able
to afford the trip to Tokyo I'll try it on before buying  it :P...

I love to wear a simple but nice outfit from time to time, without experimenting so much...apart the blouse missing (but I had a bolero, so I think for summer it's fine) this was my firts "coming back" to lolita since A LOT of time!

I was a bit fed up with "rules", so I stopped to follow them (at least, religiously) some years ago.
I think that even if it's a rule you can easily broke it...on me, OTKs are UGLY (even UTKs, but a bit less u.u IMHO), so why the hell do I have to follow "rules" if this happens to make me look like a pig with a frilly dress? No, thanks!

Plus, I like "alternative" trends in lolita, like Creepy-Cute...and I like to experiment a lot, so most of my outfits are more 50's than purely lolita.

Well, I hope not to have annoyed you too much with my personal thougths XD

See ya ^_^!

P.s.: I also made a drawing of this outfit!

Doesn't this cute little girl (that's supposed to be a mini-me XD) 
looks a lot like Byul??
I swear it wasn't planned to turn out like this X3
but I liked it anyway <3 
and I received a lot of "Favourites" on my DA page! 
Of course, this drawing is my property, and you cannot steal it.
I hope you understand this.

Licenza Creative Commons

Circle lenses review ~ EOS Pop C dark blue!

Hello ^_^ 

Here is my review about EOS Pop C dark blue lenses!

First, I've bougth them from Pinky Paradise.
The order was placed on august 28th, the package arrived without custom fees (YAY! I've listened to some horror stories about circle lenses orders and makeup in general >_< packages blocked in customs for months, documentations request and so on!) on september, 17th. It took a bit, I choose airmail shipping!

Altough they forgot to send me the email with the tracking code, I had to ask them for it XD nothing that I can complain much ;)

The lenses are these one (sorry, this picture is taken from google, I haven't  a picture of them because I'm SOOOOOOOOO fuXXin' lazy LOL) 

(Taken from this post)

I've choosen the blue color because I thought that blue, from past experiences, is one of the colours that suits me better, soooo here they are, worn (with a BAD light, I know)....

...and, for comparison, here I have a picture I shoot later that night, before going to bed, so you can see how much they enlarge (please keep in mind I already have HUGE eyes myself >< so, I think with littler eyes they enlarge a lot more!!) as well as the color of the lenses ^_^ 
I don't know if it's normal, but you can also see the color of my natural eyes trough the lenses...and my 
bridge piercing holes, LOL (I don't wear that piercing anymore)

These particular lenses DON'T COME in "plano" version...I've noticed this after placing the order, so please KEEP IT IN MIND if you need these just for aesthetic, because if you don't need graduation they'll hurt you! Mine are +2 in both eyes (the lowest graduation you can have for these, at least on pinkyparadise), and I admit I'm very lucky for this mistake because I only need +2,35- +2,50 more or less (don't remember wich eye needs more high graduation), so it was not a bad mistake, but if you plan to order these particular lenses be aware that they don't come in "plano" ^^'

So yes, I can see well even if they're slightly different from the prescription I'd need.
Also, my oculist told me that usually contact lenses must be used with a bit less graduation than needed....

All in all, I'm satisfied with these lenses!
They're really comfy, even for me that I've never worn contact lenses too much and I'm not used to them!

Last year I bougth EOS Adult Nudy Pink, if I remember correctly, and they wasn't so comfy, and the enlargement effect was really too little for my eyes :\ (in fact I even lost them XD really, I can't find them anywhere at home!)

The EOS Pop C series is marked down to be 14,8 mm of diameter, as I've read all over the internet the max a contact lens can measure is 15 mm (excluding that lenses that cover your eyes entirely, like Sadako from The Ring, but they're not meant for a daily use :P...) , so I think these are true to their size :) 

So, a little resume of what I explained:

Comfort: 8,5 
Enlargement: 8,5 (I have very big eyes, so yes, I don't expect circle lenses to enlarge my eyes a lot...these are good anyway ^_^)
Disposal: one year

So for this post it's all, folks! (Ahhh, famouse quote is famous XD) 

Bye bye ^_^ see ya!

martedì 2 ottobre 2012

First Art Post ^_^

Hello :)

Yes, I know it's been a while from the last post, but it's just how I work: I create a blog and then...I totally forget to have one XD

So, first I have to inform you that I've decided to start writing just in english, so it's easier to me to blog, and the posts are, in my opinion, less caotic. I wrote in my introduction post, I love to draw.
Recently I discovered again my love for this hobby, and I have something to show :) let's begin from....

.....this one!
I tried to draw a girl in a kinda punkyish outfit, with some creepy cute accents.
The color scheme is one of my fave ♥ I really love pinkxblack outfits! *w* Together with lavenderxblack, they're my most favourite!

And, since Halloween is coming (I'm not lying, I REALLY love Halloween night >w< it's my favourite holiday of the year, so I begin to think "It's almost Halloween °O°!" september. XD Yes, I know it's "A BIT" early, but as I already said, I love Halloween SOOOOOOOO much ♥)...

...a Guro Lolita drawing!
For these two drawings I spent A LOT of time!
The first is made with Photoshop, the second one with Paint Tool Sai ♥

Let me say that Sai is THE BEST, even if it hasn't got that much tools that Photoshop has, from brushes to patterns to an interesting amount of features that, shame on me XD, I just discovered how to use XD because even if I have an advertising graphic degree, the teacher I had was...oh well. Let's say she was the beAst with C.G. (yes, the beAst.), so it's just her fault if I couldn't use PS in the proper way ><  (how much I love her, can you notice? :P)

...But let's go on with my drawings :P

I really love the previous two, but the one for wich I'm most proud of myself is absolutely this one:

(Look and see her how she sparkles, it's the Last Unicooooooooorn ♥ HOW MUCH DID I CRIED for that movie T^T ♥)

I'm really, really happy that it turned out well, kinda exactly how I wanted to ♥
I know that I still have to practice A LOT, but if I show you my first attempt with digital can find it, together with other my drawings, at my DeviantArt page ^_____^

(Pulce-Scorbutica...coff coff XD it may sound strange, is XD translated in englis it sounds like "Scorbutic Flea" XDD looooong, loooong story XD)

Well, it's all for today's post ^_^ I really hope that you like my art, I will try to improve a lot, since my ambitions are REALLY, really high!

See ya! ^^
I hope to solve this LITTLE problem with my lazyness XDDDD

P.s.: don't steal my works! They're protected by CREATIVE COMMONS licence.

Licenza Creative Commons
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