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Lolita Blog Carnival: My favourite dress(es)!

Hello <3

For this week, the topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival is "Your favourite dress".
Well..I would like to divide  the post in two parts: one about my favourite dresses in my closet and one about my favourite dresses in general! 

Let's start with dresses I already own:

1) Moi Meme Moitié Alchemy

This is my very first item from Moi Meme Moitié, and I'm glad I had the chance to buy while it was still on the website ^_^ I was literally shocked, you know...generally MMM items go sold-out very quick >_< in fact I didn't have the money to buy it when it came out.
Fortunately it seems that the dress didn't have too much success and, at the moment when I bought it, there still were twelve (only for this type and colorway), great happyness! ^0^

2) Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Eldorado Revolution JSK (OP?)

It has been A PAIN to obtain this dress O_O;; 

I've lost in on auction some summers ago (like four years ago...I don't remember actually) and then I've NEVER saw it again for sale again since. 
Two years ago I've found the other JSK on auction, I've won it...but unfortunately IT DIDN'T FIT ME T__T (damned my ribcage ><;) 
I was very lucky because a girl from the italian community wanted to trade my JSK with hers, that I was sure it would have fit we made the trade...when we met at Japan Expo in Paris :P 
I won't lie, that had been one of my happiest days of my life! ^0^

3) Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival skirt

*O* I'm a happy girl <3  

I wanted this skirt since it came out, but obviously I didn't have the money to buy it during reservation period >_> so I had to stalk the auctions and I ended up buying it (FOR A F***IN' HIGH PRICE...darn) one year after, so yes, this is the first release UwU 
I still love this collection, even if I don't wear this skirt so much....

4) Juliette et Justine Dentelle Antique Robe OP 

My very first item by Juliette et Justine <3 I love how simple but elegant it is!!

I have this dress in beige, it's even my first piece in this color!
I have to buy everything to match this dress because I've never bought brown/beige/cream/ivory things I'm still building some outfits around it ;) 

It's still at my shopping service's...I hope to receive it soon >_< I would have loved to wear it for Christmas but let's face it, I don't think I'll be able to...=__= shipping to Italy are A PAIN...3 days to arrive at customs and then other five-seven (or even more <_<'') to reach my house. A PAIN.

5) (...And last) Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Fleur Frill JSK

It's so simple but lovely and cute *_* 

This has his own story, too :P weeeeeell...the first time I saw this dress at a comic convention in Italy, it was for sale for 192 euros, too much for my financies ç_ç''' </ I let it go (and my heart bleed ç_ç), but I told myself that I would have bought it sooner or later...

Then I discovered the magical (and tough, sometimes) world of online auctions, and I've bidded it TWO FU**IN' TIMES before actually being able to obtain it...
The third time was the lucky one *_* I've never loved a Shopping Service like that moment before!! <3

I used this dress a lot, I won't ever, NEVER sell it. NEVER. 
It's still one of my most worn dresses in my closet, with its simplicity it can be used for a bazillion of different's also my casual dress! This summer I wore it with a jeans gilet, engineer boots and a  red cincher belt with a bow <3 so not rori but who cares :P 
I can't describe how much I love it *_*

.....And now, let's talk about my favourite lolita dresses of all times ^_^

1) Moi Meme Moitié Iron Gate OP

I consider this dress "My Chimera", because it's so rare and sought after that I won't probably never be able to buy fact, it's still my #1 wish item! <3 (And I know that it will FOREVER be ç_ç </3)

2) Alice And The Pirates Vampire Requiem JSK

This dress <3 it would have been one of my favourite in my closet, because I already have the long version in black...but I don't like it as much as the short version T_T I will probably sell it when I'll be able to obtain the short JSK....there's nothing to do, long JSKs don't suit me, even if I'm 175 cm tall =_= I can't see myself in them.
Recently I started to like even the OP, but it's so damn expensive >_<''' so I think I'll stick with the short JSK when I'll have the opportunity ;D

3) Innocent World Pomona JSK

(The short JSK, and I've explained above why).

What can I say? It's so elegant, beautiful, it has that fabulous cut in the leaves me breathless <3 I was able to see it in real life thanks to a friend that has the huge luck to have it *_* (I would steal it muahuuhauahahuahuhuaahu :P) 

Plus, I love teal <3 even  because it's not so frequently used in lolita!! 

4) Alice And The Pirates Kuranosuke JSK


Vertical, diagonal, horizontal...just stripes.

And this dress has caught my heart since it came out. 
I'll be so happy one day if I'll be able to buy it <3 let's see if 2013 will be the lucky year ;P  

5) Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Fragrant Memories Vivienne JSK

This is the reason why I started to love Baby, The Stars Shine Bright again since years, and it's actually the only dress I want in mint XD because I think it doesn't suit me too much...but let's say that this kind of green is so light and "dusty" that I would make an exception ;)
I love the print in every little detail, I love the cure Baby's designers put to create it, it's so detailed *_* the old pictures make me believe about great old times <3 it's so vintage, and I love vintage items *_*

6) Angelic Pretty Toy Parade JSK (new release)

Five reason to love this dress:
-It has A LOT of shirring, unlike the old version;
-It's black with a super-uber-cute-pastel print (like Sugary Carnival, that I love so much);
-Its resale value isn't too bad *_* I always spot it on auctions for less than 30K...unlike the old version before the re-release;
-Halterneck <3 I'm in love with dresses with halterneck, I think this detail add a "50's" appeal to every dress ^-^

I would go on and on, and on, and on...but I think I'd became too annoying XD so, let's pretend I've finshed U_U

I hope you'll enjoy reading this post as much I've enjoyed writing it :) 

If you want to join the Lolita Blog Carnival let's follow this link: 

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❤ RedTonic

See ya next week (maybe U_U...) ;) 
Chu \^*^/!

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Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Inspiration.

Hello! (⌒▽⌒)☆

 This is my second post for the "Lolita Blog Carnival"!

 The past two weeks I wasn't able to post because of flu and/or other things to do (life is very tough these days, you know...) so I didn't post >-< and I'm also waiting for the video of the Lolita fashion show I participated in to complete the post I've already written :D

 So, back to the topic ^_^!

I would say that, talking about other lolitas, my biggest influences come from girls that doesn't necessary follow all the rules and that try to create something unique.

Imaginary-wise, I like both cute and "dark" things, from Hello Kitty to Vampires, from candy to zombies, and so on. I also love animals, mainly cats, unicorns and pegasus ^_^ and as you can see my drawing style is affected by japanese manga culture.

Speaking about Lolita, the only inspiration I always wanted to take from Anime is hair-related.
I always wanted to have a haircut like cute anime girls ^_^ I like puffy pigtails a lot, and now with this OTT wigs trend we can have them, even if I'm actually in my "Classic Period" as my love for this style is gradually increasing (it's maybe because of my age :P I recently became 30!) so I'll leave sweet, OTT and pigtails wigs for a bit ;) maybe one day I'll buy a multicolored wig, who knows :)?

So, speaking about today, I would say that my inspiration comes from girls that can dress elegantly with a touch of vintage feel...for example, the Russian Community has this kind of feel to me. They are really inspirating <3 if some of them will read this post: I find you girls are AMAZING *______*

I would say I simply switched from OTT sweet to OTT classic and gothic :) I can't stay away from OTT eheh :P it's a part of me! I like to have a lot of accessories, I like (FAKE) fur, I like vintage pictures, the allure of the old paper, dusty colors and so on.

Here I'm including a polyvore collage with an outfit I've made with my most recent dream dress, and I'm SO happy to tell you that IT'S NOW MINE *_______* I can't wait until it arrive!! I want to create a lot of outfits with this wonderful dress by Juliette et Justine *_* (it's the Dentelle Antique Robe OP in beige *O*)

Classic dream coord ♥

Classic dream coord ♥ di princess-unicorn 

Even if I won't use the exact same elements, this is just an example of the "Classic Lolita" I like ^____^
I felt in love with brown recently...and it's so strange, because I HATED brown for ALL MY LIFE

I'm linking this  picture because I'm not good with explanations...and to be honest, this topic is putting me in a high crisis level since I've never thought about what, who or where I've took explanations in these years of lolita XD really. (And the most funny thing is that I've voted for it!!! XD LOL) 

So for this week it's done! Bye ^______________^

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