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Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Inspiration.

Hello! (⌒▽⌒)☆

 This is my second post for the "Lolita Blog Carnival"!

 The past two weeks I wasn't able to post because of flu and/or other things to do (life is very tough these days, you know...) so I didn't post >-< and I'm also waiting for the video of the Lolita fashion show I participated in to complete the post I've already written :D

 So, back to the topic ^_^!

I would say that, talking about other lolitas, my biggest influences come from girls that doesn't necessary follow all the rules and that try to create something unique.

Imaginary-wise, I like both cute and "dark" things, from Hello Kitty to Vampires, from candy to zombies, and so on. I also love animals, mainly cats, unicorns and pegasus ^_^ and as you can see my drawing style is affected by japanese manga culture.

Speaking about Lolita, the only inspiration I always wanted to take from Anime is hair-related.
I always wanted to have a haircut like cute anime girls ^_^ I like puffy pigtails a lot, and now with this OTT wigs trend we can have them, even if I'm actually in my "Classic Period" as my love for this style is gradually increasing (it's maybe because of my age :P I recently became 30!) so I'll leave sweet, OTT and pigtails wigs for a bit ;) maybe one day I'll buy a multicolored wig, who knows :)?

So, speaking about today, I would say that my inspiration comes from girls that can dress elegantly with a touch of vintage feel...for example, the Russian Community has this kind of feel to me. They are really inspirating <3 if some of them will read this post: I find you girls are AMAZING *______*

I would say I simply switched from OTT sweet to OTT classic and gothic :) I can't stay away from OTT eheh :P it's a part of me! I like to have a lot of accessories, I like (FAKE) fur, I like vintage pictures, the allure of the old paper, dusty colors and so on.

Here I'm including a polyvore collage with an outfit I've made with my most recent dream dress, and I'm SO happy to tell you that IT'S NOW MINE *_______* I can't wait until it arrive!! I want to create a lot of outfits with this wonderful dress by Juliette et Justine *_* (it's the Dentelle Antique Robe OP in beige *O*)

Classic dream coord ♥

Classic dream coord ♥ di princess-unicorn 

Even if I won't use the exact same elements, this is just an example of the "Classic Lolita" I like ^____^
I felt in love with brown recently...and it's so strange, because I HATED brown for ALL MY LIFE

I'm linking this  picture because I'm not good with explanations...and to be honest, this topic is putting me in a high crisis level since I've never thought about what, who or where I've took explanations in these years of lolita XD really. (And the most funny thing is that I've voted for it!!! XD LOL) 

So for this week it's done! Bye ^______________^

Here are other posts from other girls of this week's topic, if you wanna read ^_^ enjoy!!!!!

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  1. I think classic lolita has that effect on brown hating people because i used to hate it when i was a teenager too and now i'm into it again!

  2. You're right, this can be a good reason for a person to star loving brown color :P classic is so beautiful you might want to try new colors to be "in style" *_*

  3. Wow, I feel we have so much in common! Haha, I'm sure I would love to meet you ;) I loved your collage, it's a great outfit <3 And I'm sure you can rock that multicolored hair, age doesn't matter!