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Lolita Blog Carnival: A day in the life of a Lolita photo diary

Hello (^_-)-☆!! This is my first post for the Lolita Blog Carnival! I'm so excited to be part of the group and I'm also a bit worried to make some mistakes >< I wanted to join the group because I am a *lazy* blogger, so I needed an incentive to post more :P But now let's go with the post: A day in the life of a Lolita (○⌒∇⌒○)

Good Morning! Yawwwnnn X.X...

Aka "the picture of the self-shaming"...XD Nothing that a hairstraightener can't solve fortunately!

I woke up very late today, 11 a.m. (I know, I should be ashamed XD...) and 
my hair were a hot mess :\ 

So I choose what to wear...

....and then went to the bathroom and after
the usual processes, I straighten my fringe,  because it was awfully fu**ed up XD
as you can se from the first picture!

...Ready to go! ^w^

I was going to have lunch with my parents, since I stay
at my boyfriend's place for half of the week I don't see them 
everyday (even if they don't live far away from here).

While approaching the bus stop, I spotted a very cute brooch in a shop
and I cannot stop myself from buying it >w< 
It also was cheap, it was on sale for only 2 euros!
This is very beautiful, isn't it? ♥

Waiting for the bus to come...I waited for half an hour, more or less °A° 
there  had surely been problems with the bus line...

...and when (FINALLY) the bus arrived, I went at the new mall 
in the city (opened since March of this year)
ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

At the mall +.(´・∀・)ノ゚+ー☆!

We had lunch at Old Wild West, 
and I forgot to take a picture of what I ate (-_-;)


(Just for the records, I had a Vegetarian Burrito, because I don't eat 
both meat and fish,
 and Premium Fries. Everything was so yummy! (★*U∀Up)♪+゚7
Next time I want to try to order a Burger without meat inside XD
because EVERYTIME I'm at Old Wild West
I have a Vegetarian Burrito...and I want more variety è__é!!)

After lunch I went to the marketplace! YAY, Shopping! 

I just bought some materials for my handmade creations (^0^  ) ~ ♪


I also bought a pair of stocking at H&M while at the mall (I'm SO
HAPPY we finally have an H&M here in La Spezia, we didn't before
that mall opened!!!)
They're black with GOLDEN accents ♥ and they sparkle
a lot! *w* I love sparkly stuff!!

With the black beads I instantly made an amazing bracelet!!
Here it is:

And here's the bracelet worn!
Isn't it gorgeous? ♥ I totally love it!

Here's my materials' box >< 
A hot mess, like my life ♥ XD

Later on, I had a japanese language lesson! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
It's just the third one, so I'm not very good at (even if I already
had japanese lessons years ago, and I studied
a bit on my own, I am certainly not ready to 
have a long conversation ><;;)!
Don't try to read...I'm the worst in taking notes XD
But I assume the important thing is that I can undertand
my own disorder U_U;

It's a basic japanese course, my japanese level surely has a lot to improve ><
however I like to study 日本語 so much! ^w^

After the lesson I came back and had dinner.
What I ate wasnt' anything yummy U_U; (in other words:
I totally forgot to take a picture XD AGAIN XD)
I had just a (healthy, but not yummy at all ;A;) legumes soup.

After dinner, I turned on my computer (it's not really "mine",
I use an old pc that was property of my boyfriend) 
to post on my blog and have a bit of relax ( ̄▽ ̄; )

Poupee, Facebook, Blogger u_u;....

And here I am, still writing this post, because ehm...
in the past days I didn't make anything remarkable 
to write a post  about, so I thought I would have done this today,
and...that's it! 

Even Fifì, my sweet feline child ♥, decided to take some rest
together with her mommy ♥
She's very attached to me, she always wants me to stay
with her! When I sit by the computer, for examples, 
she jumps up and purrs, then she cuddles me 
à la feline way :3 (she "makes bread" X3)
and after she sleep on my legs!
Isn't she th cutest? 

Here's a picture of her, to show you how much cute she is(*´▽`*)

(This counts as a bonus pic)

Well, that's it!! :3
I hope that you liked my first post for the Blog Carnival!

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6 commenti:

  1. 日本語を勉強しませか?がんばって!

    I really love your blog post, and I am totally jealous of all of your crafting materials and that cute new pin your purchased! I feel like I don't run into anything that screams alternative when I go shopping for stuff like that, so I tend to have to make a lot of it on my own. ;___;

  2. First, thank you for your comment ^^

    But I have to say that even here it's not simple to find something that screams "Cute" or "Cool"...

    For the records, the star-pin is from Denny Rose :) maybe you have a store in your city that carries this brand? If yes, I could suggest to take a look! Maybe you're lucky enough to find it :) there was another pin, it was violin key shaped with the brand logo on it!

  3. Super cute, I love your outfit so much!

  4. Awww thank you!!
    I'll reply here...what I was trying to tell about your post (but disqus cut me my comment ><) is that I was so amused from your post, and that I love subways' sandwiches a lot, even if we don't have a Subway in Italy...the only time I was able to eat one I was in Paris, I was totally amazed by their choice *_* even tough at that time I wasn't vegetarian ^^' so I ate salami sandwich XD

    I also loved your outfit *_* I want to get myself some Atelier Pierrot/Cantilly pieces, they're VERY great!!!!

  5. Hello! Nice to meet you! I finally posted about my day, it took me so long.
    Anyway I joined the group for the same reason, i'm also quite the lazy blogger and its working great for me too. ^^; I never come up with such interesting themes so joining for me was great.
    Anyway I love the outfit you wore, its casual but still interesting to look at for the bold colors and details! It suits you well.
    I don't think i could be a vegetarian so that impressed me, I applaude you for that! We are both cat lovers.

    I love all the things you made and got, it made me want to go shopping too!
    Thank you so much for sharing your day, i enjoyed it <3

    1. ♥Your comment made my day...this week had been tough (hence I didn't participate in LBC week 8 ><) in the past days I got flu and I spent nearly everyday in the bed, today I've made an application test that went terribly BAD IMHO...and what's better than nice words to feel better during a shitty week?

      You're so sweet *w* thank you for your comment and compliments >w< you were so kind ♥

      I'm going to read your last week's blog post...and don't worry for the delays, you're a mother now and it's perfectly reasonable if you don't have time to post ...that little angel needs time and love ♥