giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Roses are PINK :P!

Hi ^_^!!!
Time has passed since the last post, I know...I know.
It's Poupee girl's fault. I'll admit I'm into the "tunnel" again XD
I started again to play, I have opened my account like...three years ago? Maybe four...I don't remember.
Aaaaanyway, I had this post's draft still in progress, it is!

On octobre, 12th (yeah, I should feel ashamed for having not posted this before) I went out with my boy and our mutual friends.

I decided to wear my Powder Rose skirt with a bit of punky style ^_^

Skirt, bow brooch (attached at my neck): Angelic Pretty
Jacket: C.O.L.Z.A. (japanese random brand, 
I've bought this on mbok for very cheap ^^!)
Leggings: Tally Wejl
Bow Bangle: Chocomint
Ring (even if you can't see it -.-):
handmade by me (it's just a pink rose made of resin attached
to a ring base ^^) 
Shoes: Chinese random shop
Wig: taobao
Hairclip: H&M
Turtleneck: Offbrand

Terrible picture is terrible. I know =.= with bad light at 10 p.m. 
isn't so easy to take beautiful pictures....
You can't see my little roses well, but they have glitters <3

We went around the city and then in a pub to drink something. 

Then we moved and we had the terrible idea to eat a Pizza.
Terrible because...well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Here's the Pizza itself.
It was kinda awful XD or maybe it's me that, being italian, I have high standars, I don't know.
What can I say for sure it's that all of my friends were a bit disgusted by its taste XD

We decided to try this Pizza because, well, it's an automatic Pizza-maker:

and we thought it would have been an experience to try at least one time, also because that Pizza was awful, as I told, and because it costs 5 EUROS. For a deep-frozen Pizza baked into a machine. YEAH. (Normally, with 5-7 euros you can have a very delicious Pizza baked into a wood stove, that's a "must have" for a good italian pizza restaurant!) 

Then we went to sleep because it was very late ><

I love to do stupid and crazy things XD it never happens when I go out with my female friends...I think in another life I must have been a boy, because I'm always so excited to new experiences, even the silliest!

Now, at least, we know where NOT to eat XD

....And now I go to sleep because it's near 4 o' clock a.m. X.x can't sleep in these days.

Bye :)!!!!! See you next post! I have some pictures of my Halloween outfit that I'd like to share ;)

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