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Lolita Blog Carnival: The most un-Lolita thing about me is...

Hi! ^0^

Yeah, I'm posting AGAIN! I consider this a kind of miracle XD

Back to the post, I kinda like this topic, because I think that Lolita is just fashion and nothing else.
So I decided to write in a hearbeat!

My life is quite boring, but I like it the way it is.

I could start from the fact that when I'm not going out I'm kinda HOBO. I stay with my pajama on with no makeup (not that I wear too much when I dress-up....), without styling my hair, I just pin them and keep them in a somewhat form of what other people called "mess", but I consider it "order" XD

When I'm at the gym I don't wear lolita (obvious...?), I don't wear make-up and don't style my hair (and I can't stand the girls that does it...gyms are not places to make fashion-shows, we come here to sweat A LOT, so why do you have to wear a ton of makeup!?!? I can't understand, really), I only re-draw my eyebrows because when I wake up (I go to the gym in the morning, usually) they are nearly erased XD plus, I wear totally messy and with a specific sense. Fuchsia pants, pastel colored shoes, t-shirt that aren't coordinated with the rest...totally messy, as I told before XD I like to think gym to be places where you get fit so everything else is just out of the place.

I smoke. Yeah. Someone said that "smoking is so not-roriiii!!!!111oneoneoneone", so I'll leave this here.
I totally don't see the point, as I'm the same girl both wearing and not wearing lolita clothing, so why should I quit smoking while wearing my outfits?

I don't like too much hot tea, I do prefer this one insthead:

Believe me, it's sooooo delicious! <3 (But I can't drink it too often, because what's the point in working your ass out in a gym and then drink and eat sugary/caloric/fat?) 

I'd like to spend some words about this Cold Tea.
I don't know if you can find it outside Italy, but in chase you could and you didn't try it before do it now! :P
Here in Italy a lot of people are addicted to this cold tea, expecially the youngest population.
Speaking about me, I'd totally ask to my community to drink this one insthead of hot tea at Tea Parties XD and I think a lot of girls would be very happy! Even if it's so un-rori :P and it's not very good while eating pastries, I do prefer salty food with it, because it's so damn sugary!
(Sometimes while joking with my friends we say "Estaté it's the only cold tea that doesn't contain real tea, it's just plain sugar with lemon juice, sugar, then other sugar, and maybe a liiiiiittle drop of tea flavor" XD but believe me, it's very tasty!)

Another thing un-rori about me is the general attitude. I don't consider myself a well mannered girl AT ALL XD but hey, it's me!
I don't like to fake an attitude that "goes well with what I wear", because it's not "my cup of tea".
I'm Marta in and outside of lolita, the only thing that change it's what I wear!


Well, I hope that this post likes you ;) all my blog entries are ironic, I try to keep this blog as much funny as I can. At least I'm amused when i wrote it, and I always hope that people who read are amused too! ^_^

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  1. mi piace il tuo blog *^* io di estathè amo quello alla pesca ewe/ sei una day lolita per caso? *^*

    ps: dai un occhiata al mio blog se ti va *^*