venerdì 29 marzo 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: pick an animal and make a coord around it!

Oh, hai! Long time no see!
I had a period of "refuse" of personal computers :\ so I didn't update 
my blog since AGES, even with LBC posts I'm very late >_<; 
I'm so sorry. 

I've left my blog dying alone XD but since I really like the LBC theme for this week I thought
to fight with my LAZYNESS© (so much lazyness that it now needs the copyright mark XD)
and to make a post! Yay!, animals theme *_* I obviously choose to make a cat-inspired coordinate, because
you know, I really LOVE cats!!! <3 

And because of my love for cats I was totally AMAZED when Putumayo went out with a cat-themed print *_* too bad it went sold-out so quickly I couldn't buy it from their website, but I had the chance to find it ina Paris' shop named "Boddywood" (the same that carries Angelic Pretty's items), there was ONE skirt from that collection and it was the colourway I wanted, blackXpink *_______* I felt so happy and lucky that I bought it on a heartbit!!!

So, onto the's the coordinate I really make when  I wear my Putumayo skirt <3 I hope you love it as much as I do ^_^!!
LBC: Lolita outfit pet inspired <3

I really like punk lolita, it's one of the styles I wear the most because I like the touch of casual it has ^_^ 
plus I can create coords even with the sweetest prints, adding a punky touch here and there ^_^

So yeah, for this week I've been a good girl and partecipated to LBC U________U see you (MAYBE? Who knows...XD) next week! ^_^

These are the other girl's post of this week!! Enjoy =)

(Bonus pic: me when I'll get older, only less pinky than what I know I'll be.)


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  1. It's rare to see bright pink with punk those days, because they could be see as ita, I guess ?
    Not bad :)

    Ahahah the bonus pic killed me x'D