mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

Old outfit post!

Double post today XD yay!
Since I've nothing to do, and I was very lazy in the past months to update my blog..yes, I know, shame on me XD

I wore this outfit at September's fest in Carrara, a (fake u.u) german convention where you could taste "tipical" german dishes...yes, there were Pretzel, but I can assure in Germany you can find BETTER Pretzel (and beer, Strudel, and so on) u_u

Even if it was funny to attend, this was a just a "replica" of their famous "Oktoberfest". I don't have any picture of that night but let me say it's not a pity XD it was "fake"...nothing to do with the real thing U_U (Replica debates in 3,2,1...XD)

Here's what I wore ^_^ are way far from perfection, but this is the best I can do with my iPhone >_<!

Outfit rundown:

JSK: Baby, the stars shine bright
Necklace, bracelet (even if you can't see it, it's there): Angelic Pretty (both from
the same bows collection, in black)
Bolero: offbrand
Socks: Baby, the stars shine bright
Headbow: H&M Kids
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Shoes: Demonia
Wig: Random taobao wig store >_<

Here a picture with the bag,  Heart Bag by Baby, the stars shine bright >w<
I love this bag, and I use it very often since I can carry almost 
with it!! It's very comfy (even if a bit too heavy ><)!

I have to say that, before buying it, I was anxious about the two metal handles,
I thought they would have been a pain because it seems 
you can't took them off (without broking the bag, IMHO)...
but then I found the courage to buy it anyway, and now I'd like to have it
in more colours XD 

"Make-up" (actually, since I HATE to cover my face
with makeups like most do, it's just black eyepencil.
STOP.) and my necklace <3 I have the complete set 
of this series, apart the ring, because I'm worried that
it would be too tight on my "fatty" fingers >_<''' so I refrain to buy it
from internet...maybe in the future, when I'll be able
to afford the trip to Tokyo I'll try it on before buying  it :P...

I love to wear a simple but nice outfit from time to time, without experimenting so much...apart the blouse missing (but I had a bolero, so I think for summer it's fine) this was my firts "coming back" to lolita since A LOT of time!

I was a bit fed up with "rules", so I stopped to follow them (at least, religiously) some years ago.
I think that even if it's a rule you can easily broke it...on me, OTKs are UGLY (even UTKs, but a bit less u.u IMHO), so why the hell do I have to follow "rules" if this happens to make me look like a pig with a frilly dress? No, thanks!

Plus, I like "alternative" trends in lolita, like Creepy-Cute...and I like to experiment a lot, so most of my outfits are more 50's than purely lolita.

Well, I hope not to have annoyed you too much with my personal thougths XD

See ya ^_^!

P.s.: I also made a drawing of this outfit!

Doesn't this cute little girl (that's supposed to be a mini-me XD) 
looks a lot like Byul??
I swear it wasn't planned to turn out like this X3
but I liked it anyway <3 
and I received a lot of "Favourites" on my DA page! 
Of course, this drawing is my property, and you cannot steal it.
I hope you understand this.

Licenza Creative Commons

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  1. It's really nice gothic lolita outfit. I like it :-)