mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

Circle lenses review ~ EOS Pop C dark blue!

Hello ^_^ 

Here is my review about EOS Pop C dark blue lenses!

First, I've bougth them from Pinky Paradise.
The order was placed on august 28th, the package arrived without custom fees (YAY! I've listened to some horror stories about circle lenses orders and makeup in general >_< packages blocked in customs for months, documentations request and so on!) on september, 17th. It took a bit, I choose airmail shipping!

Altough they forgot to send me the email with the tracking code, I had to ask them for it XD nothing that I can complain much ;)

The lenses are these one (sorry, this picture is taken from google, I haven't  a picture of them because I'm SOOOOOOOOO fuXXin' lazy LOL) 

(Taken from this post)

I've choosen the blue color because I thought that blue, from past experiences, is one of the colours that suits me better, soooo here they are, worn (with a BAD light, I know)....

...and, for comparison, here I have a picture I shoot later that night, before going to bed, so you can see how much they enlarge (please keep in mind I already have HUGE eyes myself >< so, I think with littler eyes they enlarge a lot more!!) as well as the color of the lenses ^_^ 
I don't know if it's normal, but you can also see the color of my natural eyes trough the lenses...and my 
bridge piercing holes, LOL (I don't wear that piercing anymore)

These particular lenses DON'T COME in "plano" version...I've noticed this after placing the order, so please KEEP IT IN MIND if you need these just for aesthetic, because if you don't need graduation they'll hurt you! Mine are +2 in both eyes (the lowest graduation you can have for these, at least on pinkyparadise), and I admit I'm very lucky for this mistake because I only need +2,35- +2,50 more or less (don't remember wich eye needs more high graduation), so it was not a bad mistake, but if you plan to order these particular lenses be aware that they don't come in "plano" ^^'

So yes, I can see well even if they're slightly different from the prescription I'd need.
Also, my oculist told me that usually contact lenses must be used with a bit less graduation than needed....

All in all, I'm satisfied with these lenses!
They're really comfy, even for me that I've never worn contact lenses too much and I'm not used to them!

Last year I bougth EOS Adult Nudy Pink, if I remember correctly, and they wasn't so comfy, and the enlargement effect was really too little for my eyes :\ (in fact I even lost them XD really, I can't find them anywhere at home!)

The EOS Pop C series is marked down to be 14,8 mm of diameter, as I've read all over the internet the max a contact lens can measure is 15 mm (excluding that lenses that cover your eyes entirely, like Sadako from The Ring, but they're not meant for a daily use :P...) , so I think these are true to their size :) 

So, a little resume of what I explained:

Comfort: 8,5 
Enlargement: 8,5 (I have very big eyes, so yes, I don't expect circle lenses to enlarge my eyes a lot...these are good anyway ^_^)
Disposal: one year

So for this post it's all, folks! (Ahhh, famouse quote is famous XD) 

Bye bye ^_^ see ya!

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  1. io son pigra, e non c'ho voglia di cambiarci l'acquetta ogni poco XD

    1. Ehm....non farti sentire, che poi mi tocca risponderti "IDEM" XDDDDDDD
      (Però giurocheinsettimanalofaccio. GIURO.)

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