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Lolita Survey!

Hi ^___^

Since I know I don't post too much (it's because I don't really have worn anything particular these days, or I don't have ideas XD)...I thought to write a little survey on my lolita preferences ^w^

So let's start!

1. Nickname and date of birth.
Marta Pony, 03/12/19XX U__________U

2.Where were you born? And where do you live now?
I was born in Savona and I live in a little country near La Spezia (basically, from one corner to the opposite of the same region, Ligury XD)

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita?
I always wanted to wear clothes that were like the ones princess wear, since I was a little girl, but never imagined that these clothes already existed, even a the other corner of the world! So, when I found out that my favourite dresses of all time really existed, it was one of the happiest day of my life and I decided to follow this fashion. Unfortunately, I started to wear it several years after, because at the time I was A)obese, B)poor, C)shops didn't shipped oversea and I didn't know how to obtain these fabulous dresses.

4. Wich Lolita style do you like the most?
I really like all lolita styles >w< but my favourites are punk and gothic! I also like "meshups"...for example, a punkyish coord using AP dresses or skirts :P I swear it's not blasphemy ;)

5. Wich Lolita style would you not like to wear?
Wa, Qi and Guro...but just because they're a bit too much for everyday's life :P I wear them in special occasion, tough, like Halloween and so on!

8. Describe your dream Lolita outfit.
Click here. Because looking at picture it's just better than simply describe something :P

7. Do you have piercings or tatoos?
I used to have more piercings, but I just have my tongue one left. I decided to take the others off years ago :)

8. What´s your favourite Lolita brand?
Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitié, Putumayo are definitely my fave <3

9. What´s your favourite piece in your Lolita closet?

Moi Meme Moitié Alchemy print OP in blue <3

10. How many Lolita friends do you have?
Two! XD But I have sooooo many aquaintances, because in Ligury there's not so many lolitas :\....
(P.S.: Actually I consider my friends more than just "Lolita" friends ;))

11. What do you like most about Lolita?
I like to be creative, and I think that Lolita is a fashion that, if you ignore some basic "rules" (:P), it can be really funny to wear!!! I like to coordinate prints with themed accessories (example: dress with ponies, pony-shaped accessories), I like the variety of substyles and that you can change them as you like, and I LOVE the fact that there's not a shared idea to go with this fashion!

12. What do you dislike about Lolita?

13.Which Lolita magazine do you read regularly?
Kera (because I love kera street styles <3) and Gothic Lolita Bible ^_^

14. Headdress, bonnet or head eating bow.
Sidebows? XD Really, I can't stand "Pad" headdress, I like (but would not wear) head eating bows and I'm just recently starting to accept the existence of bonnets XD I used to HATE them, but I have to admit that they can be really gorgeous with some outfits :) I prefer simple headband, flower with clips, little bows or sidebows ^^

15. Do you wear bloomers?
Sometimes, but I don't like them so much. My only pair of bloomers is really short, because I can't stand them to pop out from the hem of the skirts >_________<

16. What´s your favourite music.
I like a lot of different kinds of music, from punk to gothic, from indie to jrock (even if I'm not following the asian music scene anymore I sometimes listen to what are, to me, "old glories" :P)...Oh, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my "fad" at the moment :P she's really cute <3

17. What´s your ringtone?
I have made myself SEVERAL (reads like: 18 XD) ringtones for my iPhone with a guide you can find around on internet...from "Olivia-Wish" to "Caramelldansen", from "Nyan cat" to "Tokyo, I'm on my way" by Puffy Amy Yumi....but I also have Kyary's songs X3 and I switch'em periodly ;)

18. Do you work/ go to school/ study?
At the moment I'm one of that unlucky that can consider themselves "Unoccupied". Sigh. In Italy we're trough a moment of deep crisis, so it's a pain in the ass to find a job .______. actually I'm looking for one, let's see how much time I'll take to find it XD *Pessimist*

19. Do you attend meet- ups?
Sometimes ^_^

20. Which colours do you like most in Lolita?
BLACK combined with any other color XD I always hated brown, but I've recently started to consider some brown in my closet (mostly accessories, I don't think I'd like to see myself with a totally brown dress :\).

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