martedì 2 ottobre 2012

First Art Post ^_^

Hello :)

Yes, I know it's been a while from the last post, but it's just how I work: I create a blog and then...I totally forget to have one XD

So, first I have to inform you that I've decided to start writing just in english, so it's easier to me to blog, and the posts are, in my opinion, less caotic. I wrote in my introduction post, I love to draw.
Recently I discovered again my love for this hobby, and I have something to show :) let's begin from....

.....this one!
I tried to draw a girl in a kinda punkyish outfit, with some creepy cute accents.
The color scheme is one of my fave ♥ I really love pinkxblack outfits! *w* Together with lavenderxblack, they're my most favourite!

And, since Halloween is coming (I'm not lying, I REALLY love Halloween night >w< it's my favourite holiday of the year, so I begin to think "It's almost Halloween °O°!" september. XD Yes, I know it's "A BIT" early, but as I already said, I love Halloween SOOOOOOOO much ♥)...

...a Guro Lolita drawing!
For these two drawings I spent A LOT of time!
The first is made with Photoshop, the second one with Paint Tool Sai ♥

Let me say that Sai is THE BEST, even if it hasn't got that much tools that Photoshop has, from brushes to patterns to an interesting amount of features that, shame on me XD, I just discovered how to use XD because even if I have an advertising graphic degree, the teacher I had was...oh well. Let's say she was the beAst with C.G. (yes, the beAst.), so it's just her fault if I couldn't use PS in the proper way ><  (how much I love her, can you notice? :P)

...But let's go on with my drawings :P

I really love the previous two, but the one for wich I'm most proud of myself is absolutely this one:

(Look and see her how she sparkles, it's the Last Unicooooooooorn ♥ HOW MUCH DID I CRIED for that movie T^T ♥)

I'm really, really happy that it turned out well, kinda exactly how I wanted to ♥
I know that I still have to practice A LOT, but if I show you my first attempt with digital can find it, together with other my drawings, at my DeviantArt page ^_____^

(Pulce-Scorbutica...coff coff XD it may sound strange, is XD translated in englis it sounds like "Scorbutic Flea" XDD looooong, loooong story XD)

Well, it's all for today's post ^_^ I really hope that you like my art, I will try to improve a lot, since my ambitions are REALLY, really high!

See ya! ^^
I hope to solve this LITTLE problem with my lazyness XDDDD

P.s.: don't steal my works! They're protected by CREATIVE COMMONS licence.

Licenza Creative Commons
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  1. Oh your pictures are great! They are so beutiful!

  2. Thank you ^_^!!!!!

    P.s.: I'm following you right now!!!